Currently Listening, Vol. 2

1. Lorde – The Love Club I have been bumpin’ Royals for like the past month  but that one’s all over the radio now so here’s another one. The entire Love Club EP (& Tennis Court) is golden; she needs to drop a full-length album like yesterday.


2. Estelle – American Boy This song should have been the biggest hit, I do not understand. So I try to make it happen every chance I get. Kanye’s verse is the obvious easter egg in the music video but my personal favorite is John Legend just chillin’.


3. Waxahatchee – Swan Dive Really simple/mellow but something about this song + video just sticks with you.


4. Marina and the Diamonds – Teen Idle Electra Heart is a flawless album, seriously I cannot get over it. This one’s my current fave; she captures the tragedy of wasted youth & teen angst to a T.


5. Blondie – Heart of Glass I.C.O.N.I.C. Also mind-blowing that this video debuted in 1978 but feels like it could have come out yesterday, in my opinion. Debbie Harry rules. That’s all.

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